Aligning ship finance
with society’s goals

The Poseidon Principles are a framework for assessing and disclosing the climate alignment of ship finance portfolios. They create common global baselines that are consistent with and supportive of society’s goals to better enable financial institutions to align their portfolios with responsible environmental impacts.

The Poseidon Principles are supported by a robust and industry-appropriate climate alignment assessment methodology and carefully considered accountability and enforcement requirements that support practical and robust data collection and analysis practices. The Poseidon Principles also establish transparency requirements for Signatories.

Principle 1: Assessment of climate alignment

Signatories will, on an annual basis, measure the carbon intensity and assess climate alignment – carbon intensity relative to established decarbonization pathways – of their shipping portfolio using the methodology established by the Poseidon Principles.

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Principle 2: Accountability

Signatories will rely on classification societies or other IMO-recognized organizations, and mandatory standards established by the IMO for the provision of un-biased information used to assess and report on climate alignment.

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Principle 3: Enforcement

Standardized covenant clauses will be made contractual in new business activities to ensure access to high-quality data.

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Principle 4: Transparency

Portfolio climate alignment scores will be published on an annual basis.

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